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Catal Duo


Maltese-born flutist Fiorella Camilleri started playing the flute at the age of 14. Since then she has been an active chamber musician with different ensembles playing varied repertoire ranging from the classical to the contemporary, performing in Italy, Malta and Japan respectively. Her latest chamber music achievement led her to Shizuoka and Tokyo, where she led a research project, supported by the Malta Arts Fund, merging Maltese and Japanese traditional music (2017). International cultural diplomacy is a field of study, which she is exploring through chamber music and research based projects.

Fiorella believes in constant personal development through practice and education by participating in masterclasses with principal orchestra players, most recently with Emily Beynon, Paul Edmond Davies, Andreas Blau and Nicola Mazzanti. Fiorella was chosen as an active participant artist at the Aurora International Music Festival in Sweden (2018). In April 2012, she finished a two year Masters degree, “Biennio Specialistico” in Flute performance at the ‘Istituto Pareggiato Orazio Vecchi Tonelli’ in Modena, under the guidance of Michele Marasco, Andrea Oliva, and Gabriele Betti.

Fiorella was the winner of theYoung Musician Award (2007), which enabled her to follow masterclasses at the Thames Valley University, London College of Music, with flutist Christine Hankin. Furthermore, she holds both the Associate and the Licenciate Trinity College diplomas (2006-2007).

For the past 14 years, Fiorella has been holding the sub principal flute/piccolo chair with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Fiorella plays on a 14K Muramatsu flute and on a Philip Hammig granadilla wooden piccolo.

In addition to her music career Fiorella holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in International Relations from the University of Malta (2004).

ILUSIÓN Y VERDAD from Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas and Maltese flutist Fiorella Camilleri is a vibrant collection of works for guitar and flute. The music incorporates not only the infectious Afro-Cuban rhythms for which Cárdenas is known, but also features elements of blues and rock, among others. Works like Hasta Alicia Baila and Sones Y Flores are especially inspired by the diverse history of Cuban music and its relationship to jazz and western classical music. Throughout the album, Cárdenas and Camilleri exhibit their ability to transcend genre limitations with ease, creating new and fascinating cross-cultural musical connections. Even still, Cárdenas’s performances reveal him to be a proud ambassador for his country’s music. Lauded by Classic FM Magazine as a “true pioneer,” Cárdenas upholds this title with ILUSIÓN Y VERDAD.

Catal duo was formed in 2018 as the collaboration of Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas with Maltese flautist Fiorella Camilleri. With its first album release, Catal duo challenges their audiences and brings into the world afresh an innovative hour-long collection of pieces for Flute and Guitar. With work by Grammy nominee composer Eduardo Martín and his fellow countryman Walfrido Dominguez this album conveys an intelligent and successful marriage between modern Cuban rhythms, Latin sounds and the western classical world of music.

“Music can and should be merged into a variety of academic subjects, including in education, cultural diplomacy, artificial intelligence, digital arts, ethnomedicine and music therapy, community outreach arts programming and folk music culture. In today’s Global Village philosophy in describing ourselves as citizens of the world, it is of utmost importance to build bridges between individuals and institutions. One of the objects of the Malta Cuban Society is to promote cultural diplomacy, aiming to make the world a better place and to promote social transformations through music, musicians and those involved with it”
Fiorella Camilleri


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