Design of the Anonymous
Stories from the neighbourhood - Daniel Aschwanden & Joanna Zabielska

A performative installation as an intervention in public space.
Made from more than a 100 unstitched plastic bags and recomposed to an inflatable bubble (7m x 6m x 3 m) a temporary place making installation comes into existence functioning as a fascinating video installation by night and offering a magic interior space as a stage.
Based on the plastic bags and their anonymous design, notions like neighbourhood, identity, migration, globalisation, design, foreignness, home, and urban life are made a topic and negotiated in playful ways.

Who would not know it, the mousy bag made from plastic fabric with the chequer pattern? It is cheap, at the same time practical and in it’s use manyfold. Everyone changing house or having to move materials of all kind esteems its services. Each bag not only carries things but also stories.“ Is a bag just a bag?“ we are asking and invite to tell stories. Stories we collect from families, neighbours, stories of bag-users of all ages.

And we will start to play with them, perform them. 
Which contents of the bags will surface in the shape of narratives, stories? Who is ready to share the personal ones? And which fictional ones are we able to create?

The plastic material also appears at construction sites of the rapidly growing and changing city, creating a temporary and sometimes shabby, sometimes fantastic architecture pointing at the future, pointing at what is to come. How will they look, the homes of the future?

Along the stories of the bags we reflect our relation to consumption, to ecology, to life in the cities, to loneliness and anonymity.

Daniel Aschwanden and Joana Zabielska intervene on site with their installation including offering open workshops. This process starting out from encounters with known and unknown people, sewing bags and stories collectively will be leading to spontaneously choreographed performances. In the evening’s bodies, stories altered to 3D objects and renderings will be projected on to the inflated bubble.

Daniel Aschwanden's bio

Daniel Aschwanden is a performer, choreographer, director, and curator, living and working in Vienna. Where art meets the social: performative interventions in urban contexts, hybrid formats of interventions in public spaces in Europe, Asia, Africa, stressing the angle of cultural exchange and communication using a variety of art practices articulating themselves in a wide range of formats reaching from public spaces to installations and performances in black boxes and white cubes, relating social to art agendas.

Daniel Aschwanden developed several hybrid formats of interventions in public spaces in Europe and China together with Peter Stamer stressing the angle of cultural interchange and communication using a variety of art practices.

Aschwanden founded and directed "Tanzsprache", the first fringe festival of performance and dance in the late 80ies in Vienna.
In the 90ies he founded and directed "bilderwerfer" working at the boarder of art and the social together with a mixed cast of abled and disabled performers. In 2002 he co-founded the city lab Kabelwerk in Vienna. 2006 artist-in-residence at Vienna's Tanzquartier. In 2007 he initiated the label "Pathosbüro" together with philosopher and performer Katherina Zakravsky. They created lectures, urban interventions, as well as science-fiction-videos and performances. In 2005 he initiated the European media lab "ABSENT INTERFACES" together with Scott Delahunta. He was the co-founder of "" (2008) an independent internet-TV-platform.
Between 2009 and 2015 he worked as guest/lecturer at the university of applied arts Vienna, department Social Design, and is presently a guest professor at the department of arts and communication.
In addition he is the co-founder of

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