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Seasons Circus

In SEASONS, the stage becomes a boisterous 16th century marketplace on which life is present in all its rich variety. Using no words, stories are told about love, passion, courage, and change. The audience embarks on an eventful journey through time, traversing the four seasons that serve to represent the cycle of life. Sorrow, happiness, rage, euphoria: every emotion is communicated through movement and sound color. Adrián Schvarzstein, director of the legendary Circus Klezmer, drew inspiration for SEASONS from the artwork of the famous Brueghels, designed to be just as rich in detail as the original paintings.

“The show SEASONS from the ensemble Le Tendre Amour reminded the audience of the magic that the combination of music and circus makes. This show for all ages is an impeccable work where circus arts are granted a real bonus – baroque music.”   
PROCESO - Niza Rivera

Baroque “pop” music and contemporary circus performance at the highest level merge as one on stage. Based on the Le Tendre Amour CD All in a Garden Green (Brilliant Classics, 2011), the music – live and improvised in baroque style – is like a perfectly fitted garment, following and emphasizing the artists´ every move and gesture. A strikingly beautiful artistic communication is born on stage. The story of life. Without words.

“SEASON's staging delights on two fronts: world-class circus acts of singular success combine with baroque music of unique beauty...

...Under the stage direction of Adrián Schvarzstein, the staging is capable of captivating us.”   
Entretenia  | Juan Carlos Araujo

Artistic team
ADRIAN SCHVARZSTEIN - actor, stage direction, concept
ESTEBAN MAZER - music direction, concept, harpsichord
KATY ELKIN - music direction, oboe, whistles, dulcimer, bass
LIXSANIA FERNANDEZ - viola da gamba
JUAN ULLIBARRI - clarinet, bagpipes, whistles
MARIA CAVAGNERO - silks, cyr wheel
GIULIA ARCHANGELI - acrobatics, bicycles
LUIS PAREDES - acrobatics, bicycles
DIDAC CANO - diavolo, jump rope, meteor
JURATE SIRVYTE - director assistant, choreography
PRODUCTION - María de Frutos
LIGHT DESIGN - August Viladomat
STAGE DESIGN - Markus Boxler
COSTUME DESIGN - Leonie Bramberger / Katy Elkin

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