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Darya Mosenzon is a pianist and composer specializing in North African music. She began playing the piano and composing at a young age and studied classical music throughout her childhood, but was drawn since adolescence to other genres of music as well, culminating in her choice to pursue Moroccan and Algerian music.

Darya performs solo piano shows, as well as duo and trio shows featuring Grammy-nominated oudist Charlie Sabach and percussionist Hillel Amsallem. She has received grants from Rabinovitch Foundation and Tel Aviv Municipality, and was selected as one of 12 Israeli delegates at the WOMEX 2022. This summer has seen her touring Morocco and Portugal with her solo project. Her debut trio album was released on March 28, 2024 as part of International Piano Day celebrations.

DARYA is a trio performing original music and new interpretations of traditional North African music inspired by Classical music and Jazz. Led by pianist and composer Darya Mosenzon, the trio features alongside her Grammy-nominated oudist Charlie Sabach and percussionist Hillel Amsallem.

The trio has performed throughout Israel to wide critical acclaim, and has been featured in festivals and venues including the Tel Aviv Piano Festival, International Oud Festival, Polish Jazz Festival Tel Aviv, Beit Avi Chai, Confederation House and more. The trio has received grants from Rabinovitch Foundation and Tel Aviv Municipality, and was selected as one of 10 Israeli delegates at the WOMEX 2022 international music showcase festival. Frequent guests with the trio have included renowned singers Raymonde El-Bidaouia (Raymonde Abecassis), Neta Elkayam, Lior Elmaleh and violinist Elad Levi. Darya's debut trio album was out in November 2023, followed by a trio tour in Europe.

"Wonderful music, a delicious and deeply satisfying listening experience. Darya plays... with a blend of meticulous restraint and exhilarating passion."
Amir Mandel - HAARETZ

Multi-instrumentalist Charlie Sabach was born in Beer Sheva and began performing on a wide range of instruments from an early age, among them oud, guitar, mandolin and ney flute. In the course of a colorful and impressive career, Sabach recorded and performed worldwide with some of the major artists in Israel: Shem Tov Levi ensemble, David D’or, Arkadi Duchin and others. In addition, Sabach is a prolific composer who has written music for films and several of Israel’s major theaters, as well as ensembles and projects under his own name. The Sabach’s, a band Charlie founded and led, centered around his original pieces and performed by a six-piece ensemble including Charlie’s two sons on guitars. His album Makams - Places created in collaboration with pianist Kobi Arad was nominated for a grammy award in 2022.

Hillel Amsallem pursued the artistry of percussion playing in musical genres originating from West to far East. His teachers included Nino Bitton, renowned master of Classical Algerian music, as well as Cuban percussionist Duniesky "El Cuba" Barreto Pozo, specializing in Afro-Latin music. Between the years of 2016- 2021 Amsallem was a leading percussionist at the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, and was concurrently co-founder of several musical ensembles who made it their goal to preserve classical North African music and teach it throughout Israel: the Maghreb Orchestra under the leadership of singer and oud player Nino Bitton, Dialna founded by violinist Elad Levi, and Tarab Jerusalem Orchestra, led by Elad Levi and Paytan Hay Korkos. Amsallem is a permanent member of pianist Maurice el Medioni’s ensemble and with the band of renowned singer Amir Benayoun. Amsallem teaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and works with professional musicians as well as special needs groups.

“...Versed in the music of North Africa, with her Western classical music and jazzy leanings hanging about on the periphery, Mosenzon is showing the Andalusian world that she is the genuine article”
Barry Davis

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